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When Do Insurers Give a High Risk Auto Insurance Quote?


People who are perceived to be reckless drivers and those believed to be more prone to accidents on the road--such as the elderly or teenagers--are usually charged a higher premium by insurers. However, getting an affordable high risk auto insurance quote is still possible for those who are resourceful.

With the help of the internet, one can simply log on to websites of several insurers and research about the lowest premium that he can possibly get.

A driver may be classified as "high risk" by most surety companies based on several factors, including old age, bad driving record, and lack of experience in driving.

Most companies think that the elderly are less able to handle the rigors of driving because of their less-than-desirable health conditions. Their poorer eyesight and slower reflexes are usually believed to increase their chances of being in a road accident. Given this, insurers normally give them a high risk auto insurance quote instead of a quotation given to any regular car owner.

Someone with a bad driving record is also most likely to get only a high risk auto insurance quote. Surety firms calculate the appropriate premium to be charged a customer largely on the basis of risk. People who often have their driver's license confiscated because of road-safety violations are considered risky individuals and, therefore, charged a higher amount of premium.

If a car owner wants to save on cost of coverage of his vehicle, he must avoid tainting his driving record with violations.

New drivers like teenagers are also perceived to have higher chances of meeting a vehicular accident. Their lack of experience in driving is seen as a threat to safety of their cars, themselves, and other people they may encounter on the road. Surety companies, therefore, also give them high risk auto insurance quote instead of a regular quotation.

Nonetheless, a person considered as high risk may find ways to somehow reduce cost of covering his automobile. Besides searching online for the best deal one can get, he may also employ some strategies that insurers may consider in giving out discounts.

Installing safety devices, like security alarms, on the vehicle will make it less prone to theft. Companies should deem this as a reason to cut the premium charged on the car owner.

Attending a refresher course on road safety may also help a vehicle owner get a lower cost of coverage.

Lastly, and most importantly, exercising discipline on the road and keeping oneself from anymore instances of recklessness and traffic violations will persuade a company to eventually take away a car owner out of the high-risk category.