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What You Need to Know About High Risk Auto Insurance


High risk auto insurance is defined as an insurance policy provided for high risk drivers. There are many reasons a driver is considered high in risk. The most common are those who are just learning how to tackle a motor vehicle, for obvious reasons. When one is just new in driving, the risk that someone might get hurt is pretty high. The following lists down factors that can make one person obtain a high-risk profile:

  1. Age. Young or newly-licensed drivers are charged more for insurance. Same goes for the elderly, 70 years old and above. They are deemed high risk because their motor skills and senses (i.e. flawed eyesight and hearing that are important in driving) may have been impaired by old age, not to mention the memory gap that they might be expriencing at this age.
  2. Driving History. High risk auto insurance is automatically applied for those who have been apprehended for DUI, speeding, reckless driving, among others.
  3. Suspended License. Can also be a revoked license that needs to be re-instated. As a result of numerous road violations, this is not far from happening.
  4. Credit Standing or Low Credit Score. If one’s credit score is questionable, the person is offered this kind of policy for some assurance.

What is done cannot be undone anymore. If a person is classified to be risky on the road, it follows that insurance companies may charge higher rates for the premium. However, there are ways that one’s premium for high risk auto insurance can be lowered.

The first thing to do is compare among the available programs offered by different insurance companies. Some are more understanding of situations than others. The key is to find a partner in one of those companies. There are also things an insured person can do to minimize costs on premiums. One is to avoid driving fast cars and expensive ones. Settle for a basic car that will fit everyday needs, one that has the necessary safety features like alarms and air bags. Cheaper premiums are made available for those who drive less than 10,000 miles in a year. That can be an option, to drive less and carpool more! If a high risk driver gets lesser tickets and is being good on the road, his insurance company just might review the status and reduce the rates. Thus, better drive carefully and safely to avoid accidents and apprehensions. Keeping a good credit score merits a lower-rated insurance. These are the basic things one needs to know about high risk auto insurance.