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What is High Risk Auto Insurance?


High risk drivers are issued special insurance policy called high risk auto insurance. If a person is considered highly risky on the road, insurers deem this individual as someone who will likely make claims more than once in a year. This sounds definitely bad for the business because settlements can get really expensive. So the solution is somewhat placed in the beginning and the premiums are not as cheap as regular insurance coverage for the normal person.

Age is usually the number one factor that determines whether a person should be given a regular policy of let him buy high risk auto insurance. Newly-licensed drivers are generally considered risky because of the limited experience in driving. Likewise, senior citizens are also charged higher because of impaired motor skills and senses like hearing and vision.

When a person has collected traffic violation tickets and apprehension records (i.e. DUI, reckless driving, illegal parking and speeding) for the last few years, chances are high risk auto insurance coverage is automatically applied. And as a result of numerous violations, suspended or revoked license may come next which makes the situation worse.

Lastly, it could be that your credit standing affects the policy being offered to you. If you have low and questionable credit score, your risk is made higher.

Once you are classified as riskier on the road, it would follow that insurers will charge you more on premiums. It will be kept that way until such time when you are able to prove otherwise. For the moment, you are required to get high risk auto insurance if you want your vehicle registered at all. However, there are ways to lower the premium.

Believe that some insurers are more understanding than others. So it will help that you canvas and ask around for quotes first before signing-up with a particular company. And then you can start proving that you are willing to change a bit in lifestyle to lower your risk. Give up your high end fast car and exchange it for a basic car that can suit your needs as it is. Just make sure it is installed with proper security and safety features. You can also minimize your mileage by driving less and using the public transportation more. Carpooling seems like a nice idea, too. It is common knowledge that those who drive less than 10000 miles annually get price cuts. This will also lessen the chance that you will violate any traffic rules or get yourself into an accident or hurt an unsuspecting bystander.