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Low Auto Insurance for a High Risk Driver


Have you just bought your dream luxury car worth your lifetime savings? Or have you already crashed your vehicle a couple of times already? Are you still a teenager who cannot wait to get behind the wheel and challenge speed limits? Or are you a driver for a long time now and have been receiving a lot of parking tickets? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you might be considered a high risk driver and a candidate for a high risk auto insurance. This type of insurance is more expensive compared to the normal rate.

Now, if you are short of budget in acquiring the right coverage for your car, here are a few tips on how to avail of a cheaper high risk auto insurance.

1. If you have insurance for other properties, like your house, apply for auto insurance from the same company and get a discount on premiums. Also check on what other discounts you are qualified to have such as low mileage or senior citizen discounts.

2. Ask an insurance agent on what measures you can take to change your high risk status. Maybe enrolling in a driving refresher course or joining driver’s education classes can help. Showing the company that you are making an effort in enhancing your driving skills will prompt them to consider lowering rates.

3. Take into account switching to a low risk car, which means getting a cheaper vehicle or a vehicle with safety and security features, like an airbag or an anti-theft alarm. Bigger cars are also cheaper to insure compared to small ones.

4. Inflate your auto insurance deductible a few hundred dollars. By doing this, you can slash up to 40% of premium rates. Just make sure that you can still afford to pay deductibles in case you damage your car; or better yet, do not ever get your car into trouble.

5. Lastly, look for more car insurance quotes to be certain that you have the best and cheapest coverage for your vehicle. An easy way of doing this is to browse the internet for websites that could send you different quotes within 24 hours just by filling out an online form in around 2 minutes. This could save a lot of your time and effort in personally visiting different companies around the city.

So if you are labeled a high risk driver, you do not always have to pay higher rates. These easy steps could help you find the perfect insurance for your car at a low risk expense.