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How to Shed your High Risk Auto Insurance Policy


Insurance companies do not necessarily avoid high risk auto insurance clients; they just charge them higher premiums. You will understand the reason. They stand to lose a goodly sum of money if a high risk client drives his car up a tree every so often. They will wish that authorities would confiscate the fellow’s driver’s license before he can inflict more damage to himself, to other people, and to the company.

At all cost, you should avoid being issued a high risk auto insurance policy. It will be a heavy drain to your finances. If you are one, here are some few easy steps to help yourself get “demoted.”

1. Be a more law abiding citizen by observing traffic rules. Do not over-speed, park at the right places, and do not drink under the influence of liquor. You will notice that by doing these things, you will not be getting tickets the way you used to and you are less likely to drive your car up an electric post.

2.  Junk that expensive sports car that you use often to overtake other motorists on highways, for a more modest car. Sports cars are prone to thefts and take a lot of mileage. Insurance companies will only allow you to take out a high risk auto insurance policy when possessing a car like this.

3. If you cannot replace your sports car, show you are responsible person that takes safety seriously and who only happen to love fast cars. Install some anti-theft contraptions in your car like alarms and sturdy locks; install high quality air bags. Although insurance companies automatically charge high premiums for expensive high speed cars, at least your efforts to satisfy safety requirements will give them a reason to downgrade the high-risk classification.

4. Of course, you know how to drive, but enroll in some drivers training class, anyway. Your insurance provider will regard this as a significant step towards your “demotion.”

5. Pay bills on time. This is part of an insurance companies’ over-all idea of what a responsible person is. They see danger in persons who do not pay bills on time. It makes sense because if you can neglect bills, why not your premiums.  This is one area insurance companies will put their feet down. It will be hard to shed that high risk auto insurance policy by being a bad debtor.

6. Always keep your car in good working condition. This will reduce chances of getting involved in accidents. In the first place, an accident is one of the primary reasons why people get tagged with high risk auto insurance.