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High Risk Auto Insurance Defined and Explained


It is first proper to define what a high risk driver is. He could be one who has had three or more past records of driving violations. He could have been guilty and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, guilty of hit and run, or guilty of driving recklessly in the past year. Such drivers are only granted a special kind of auto insurance called high risk auto insurance. You can refer to any insurance company for a more complete guideline of how they classify a driver as high risk.

The premium imposed for high risk auto insurance is higher than the standard rate. This is because risk always occupies a big chunk in the computation of premiums. Someone with a bigger probability of figuring in an accident will have to pay more for his insurance. Some companies consider men to be more risky than women. Teenagers are generally regarded as more aggressive in driving, and therefore, at a higher risk than adult drivers.

Insurance companies conduct a background check first before imposing high risk auto insurance on a person. Bearing this in mind, there are ways to trim down your risk rating by being a diligent and responsible driver. For example, one of the first things they will check is a driver’s credit history and credit rating. If he has been amiss in his past monthly payments, he will be considered high risk in causing bad debts for the company. Therefore, it is important to always settle one’s dues on time and maintain a clean track record of your payments.

Always drive carefully and follow road signs. It is easy to maintain a clean driving record if you are careful on the road. You will further earn the trust of insurance companies that you will unlikely cause a vehicular accident. If you have had a poor driving record in the past, it will take a couple of years to redeem yourself and prove that you are already more careful behind the wheel.

It cannot be helped that age is one of the defining factors also. Teens are young and inexperienced. They will most likely start with high risk auto insurance as they start to drive. However, the premiums are lowered significantly if these teens display an outstanding driving record over time.  For further assessment, they will also ask for the academic records because grades could also be telling of a student’s overall diligence.

A car’s make and features are also vital. Luxurious cars are generally classified as high risk. Meanwhile, cars with safety features like air bags or anti-theft alarms have greater chances of incurring lower insurance premiums.