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Five Tips to Be One of the Best High Risk Auto Insurance Agents


As an insurance agent, you are always competing against each other for the same set of clients. Often, there are those who would resort to tactics – even dirty ones – just to get ahead. Considering the demand for this type of coverage, they do work sometimes. However, did you know that there are easier and better ways to be one of the best high risk auto insurance agents out there? Here are five tips you can follow:

The first tip is to be aggressive – but not too aggressive. This means you have to be business-minded all the time. Being aggressive demands your full attention to the business of selling insurance to a point that you recognize that not one state should have a single uninsured citizen. Okay, that is going too far, but you get the point. When you see a need, go for it. However, like what was mentioned, do not overdo it or a potential client might just get scared away.

Recognize a client’s need for insurance. Everyone who owns or drives a car needs insurance. This is a “go” signal for you to go in and seal the deal. You do not have to go around town looking for people who have a need for the best high risk auto insurance package – you can start in your own neighborhood.

Be a friend to your client. He is stressed enough knowing that he is one risky driver on the road. To be one of the best high risk auto insurance agents in the market, you have to erase that line separating both parties. Instead, draw yourself closer to your client to a point that he can invite you for a family dinner during holidays. This will make him more open to your offers and will allow a better flow of communication between the two of you.

In turning your client down, do so gently. If you need to break some bad news, as in cases where his application has been denied, try to sugarcoat it a little. However, be sure that you tell the truth.

Take care of your clientele. The best high risk auto insurance agents come highly recommended by their clients. Indeed, if you have to let them down, do not leave them lying on the ground. Give them some help getting back up and if you can, go the extra mile to help them out of a bad predicament. If it means interceding with a boss on behalf of a seasoned client, do it. It is important to do what you can to excel at what you do.