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What Makes Group Auto Insurance Better


While group auto insurance provides many benefits, the best about it is the chunk of discount an individual can enjoy if they avail of its service. The fact that people can save a bunch of bucks makes them choose this over a regular policy when made available to them. This insurance deal has become quite popular to car owners if only because of the cutbacks. Insurance companies are known to provide bigger discounts to groups based on a single place – working in the same building or living in one household – or simply groups or organizations.

For big families, subscribing to group auto insurance is the way to go. If all your family members, living under one roof are car owners, your family might like to take advantage of special multi-car discounts that insurance companies offer nowadays. Instead of buying individual policies, enjoy huge discounts and keep each member’s premiums at the lowest possible rate.

For business owners, they may offer these to their officers and employees as a benefit. This is another magic of group auto insurance. With the help of an insurer, bosses may offer policies at a subsidized rate if they choose to and make the employees happy and feeling important. An insurance company can also save logistically because it is a given that a business owner has already done background and credit checks prior to hiring so there is no point to re-do all those checks. They simply just have to approve the applications. Even if this is not offered as a regular employee perk, each individual will still pay lower premiums because insurance companies tend to provide discounts for bulk sales. Either way, each individual is in a win-win situation.

The same goes for listed organizations, members will enjoy discounts if they sign-up all together. Most non-profit organizations do not compensate the members for the work they do for the group. However, if they know that they are being appreciated for volunteer work by having an offer like this, they will most likely stay on and be a member for years to come.

For businesses and organizations though, participating in group auto insurance is usually not required. An employee or member has all the right to sign-up or not, and then later opt-out when necessary. However, with flexible payment schemes usually offered by the insurer, each person can  pay his premium at his own pace – another plus factor.

Yes, there are also advantages, to this plan, but with all the available resources related to this topic; the good factors outweigh the bad ones.