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Group Auto Insurance: The Strength in Numbers


Indeed, there is strength in numbers and this applies even in getting discounts in car insurance premiums.  This resides in the fact that the insurance industry is packed with stiff competition.  Since there are many insurance firms operating, the number of automobile owners may not be too big for one to be complacent.  As much as possible a provider company should make sure that it gets the biggest portion of the motoring population.  This is why it will be very happy to slash down premium rates if they can strike a deal with a group of car owners.  For them, group auto insurance is hitting more targets with just one blow.

However, it is not just the insurance provider that benefits out of it, organizations can also gain advantages.  Any legitimate organization can approach a provider and apply as a group.  Since each of the members will have coverage, this means a lot of collectible premiums for providers.  Therefore, you can surely expect some discounts to be given.

What your organization needs to do is to have at least 25 members to avail of discounts provided by group auto insurance.  If you have more members than the minimum, you may be able to negotiate with the provider for even bigger discounts.  Some smaller providers may give more discounts for a group since this means a sales increase without corresponding expenses.  However, most organizations will rather have a more established company to provide its members with insurance.

The strength of numbers is not the only thing that can be at work here. Your organization can have the quality that will convince providers to give you lower premium rates.  This can be done by launching activities that will improve the members’ skill in driving and discipline on the road.  You can hold seminars, symposia, and anything about responsible driving and road safety.  Once your insurance provider is informed about these, they will have the impression that your organization is composed of low-risk motorists.  These are plus points that can lead to further deductions on your group auto insurance premiums.

You should not expect insurance providers to give you a suggestion about getting group auto insurance for your organization.  Take the initiative of presenting them the situation of your group as well as your interest in being insured.  This will take some time and effort in negotiating with them before you can have the maximum discount possible.  Therefore, it is important that you have members whose driving records can also be trusted by the provider.