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Group Auto Insurance Claims – All for One and One for All?


The group auto insurance system was designed to make getting automotive coverage for several clients much easier. This comes in handy for companies having several vehicles, transport businesses, families and even car dealerships. In having several vehicles to insure, a single policy can be availed of to cover all of them, making the entire transaction much easier not only for the insurer, but also for the beneficiaries.

However, there are questions among clients who availed of group auto insurance. One important query is that since they are covered under one policy, do they have to make a claim as a group, or can they make their own separate claims at different times?

This is where this group auto insurance scheme has to be explained. Just because there is only one policy covering more than one unit does not mean that they all have to make a claim at the same time. Relying on this would make this entire system totally useless. The intention of those who designed this scheme was to make it convenient for everyone during the process of application. This idea would be similar to a tree with several branches. The main coverage contract is the tree trunk while individual contracts are the branches. They are interconnected but can still be severed from the main body in case a need arises. Everything is the same when it comes to making a claim. This is because under a group auto insurance policy, one “umbrella policy” covers all individual policies. This means that if you are one of the many beneficiaries of this system, you will still be entitled to your own contract.

Suppose there is a written coverage contract covering several automobiles of a company and one of them figures into an accident. The entire coverage need not be cancelled because of payment by an insurer of the proceeds. The damaged car is covered by a separate policy under the main contract. This idea is also similar in case of several insured individuals. Each of them can make their own claim when they need to.

This is how efficient and convenient this system is. It allows several people to avail of insurance all at the same time. Because of this, clients can enjoy a lot of benefits, discounts and even promotions. Companies are given the boost they need because of an increase in their clientele and drivers and car owners are kept secure while on the road because they no longer have to worry about any financial burden they may suffer in case of accidents.