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Get More Value with Group Auto Insurance


Insurance companies offer up to 23% discount for multicar or group auto insurance. If there is more than one vehicle in one household, it is best to purchase car insurance from the same company. To make it easier for motorists, some insurance providers do not require customers to have two or more vehicles insured at one time. There are agencies that simply ask car owners to sign an assurance waiver to guarantee that their second or third vehicle will be insured in the same company. If you are sharing the same house, married, or single, you can save a lot of money on group car insurance discounts if vehicles are registered under the same address.

It is easy to take advantages of discounts and privileges when getting group car insurance. To get insurance quotes for more than one vehicle, car owners need to present details of the other vehicles such as the registration number, make, and model. If there are more than one driver in the household, details about the other driver that use the vehicles is also needed.

Rules for saving up on group auto insurance are the same as the ones used to save money on single car coverage. Choosing an insurance provider based on price alone is strongly advised, since quality of service is also as significant as price. Group auto insurance is a form of investment, and car owners must be comfortable and happy about their insurance policy. A number of major companies today seem to offer the same level of quality customer service, all in the effort of winning business of car owners. There are companies that offer group car insurance discounts if two or more cars are insured with them at the same time. On the other hand, some companies can combine two vehicles in one policy.  There are also those who allow renewal dates for multiple cars to be placed close to each other, while some allow setting renewal dates on one similar date! Since multiple companies have their own promos and are strongly competing against each other, the best stop for any motorist is to compare insurance quotes.  Prices for group auto insurance can be different by hundreds of dollars between agencies, so it is really best to ask around. Car owners should get several quotes before buying a policy.

The best thing to do is to visit the nearest local insurance agency or go online to browse for company websites and compare group car insurance quotes. The best value for money can only be found through comparing lots of options.