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Advantages And Incentives Of Group Auto Insurance


Companies and organizations can get the best auto insurance deal for their employees and members by purchasing a group auto insurance plan. Read on to know more about how this type of insurance policy works.

Basically, you can obtain a group car coverage plan through two means:

1. Through companies. Both small and large businesses can take advantage of group car coverage plans for their employees.

2. Through organizations. If your employer does not offer group car insurance, you can join an organization that does. A few examples of organizations that may offer access to this type of policy are a rotary club, a community service, or a religious organization.


If you wonder why should you bother getting a group auto insurance plan, when your current auto insurance policy works just fine, maybe you should take some of the advantages below into consideration.

The freedom to choose. There is no mandatory participation required in group coverage plans. Should you find another plan that you thing suits your needs better, you are free to leave the plan.

Flexible terms of payment. Being a part of a group insurance plan does not mean everyone in the group is required to pay the same way. Most group premiums provider offer flexible payment terms with zero service charge. You can pay every other month, or two times a year, or whatever is appropriate for you.


Many company heads and organization leaders consider group auto insurance because of the plan’s incentives. The following are some of the incentives.

Appeal. Offering a group coverage plan will appeal to more productive employees or members. Employees consider benefits such as auto insurance one of the most important aspects of being employed.  Organizations can attract more members if people know how much they can save on car policies.

Convenience. Procuring a group insurance plan is fast and easy and will not add additional hassles to your company or organization. Administrative process is handles by your provider. All you have to do is have your employees or members complete a form.

When The Worst Happens

When accidents occur, you can count on the large network of your group auto insurance plan to support you. Group insurance plans are definitely cheaper than most coverage plans, but this does not mean the coverage is also “cheap.” On the contrary, this type of policy has one of the highest coverage available in the market. Some group car policies plans even extend to family members, covering even teenagers and other drivers considered as “high risk.”