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Getting Gap Insurance for a New Car


It is not difficult to get a gap insurance coverage for a newly loaned car.  Usually, the moment you pick your final choice in the auto dealer’s shop, a sales agent immediately hands out a possible coverage option. Since their business is merely selling cars, he may only convince you of getting insurance coverage without further explaining details.  In your excitement to drive a new car out of the shop, it is possible to just sign an insurance deal without really knowing what it is all about.  The sad thing is that you may just realize this mistake once you are already staring at the wreck your car has become after encountering an accident.

This is what could happen if you do not spend more time to decide on the matter.  True, it was easier to get an insurance that could meet the particular situation of a car bought through a loan.  However, by taking the short cut, you also deprive yourself an opportunity to make the right choice.  It is important to remember that a car sales agent is not really into providing insurance because he is genuinely concerned about your safety and financial security.  He is more concerned about getting his commission from any deal closed, an additional income aside from car sales.  Your haste may just push you to take his bait and swallow his hook as well.

You can avoid this possibility by simply declining with politeness.  This is a free market economy after all. You have the right to choose.  However, you should not let a couple of days pass without getting a gap insurance.  This is important because you can never guess what could happen to you and your new car on the road. It is necessary to immediately search for companies that offer this.  It is best that you do not make your car a search engine.  Driving around and visiting insurance companies’ offices make you vulnerable to vehicular accidents. Use the internet’s search engine instead.  It is risk-free and it does not cost any gas expenses.

When you find a company’s website, do not go immediately to any page that will lead you to applying for a gap insurance online.  Go first to the pages that explain the details of the policy, especially terms and conditions.  This is to make sure you understand the deal before ever signing on anything.  Learn about the company too and check its record in serving its clients.  Gap insurance will cost money and you cannot just waste it on a firm with poor services.