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What Damages Does an Auto Comprehensive Coverage Pay For?


When someone says that something is comprehensive, the usual imagery that enters our minds is an all-inclusive procedure or policy. In the case of auto comprehensive coverage, people think of it as a type of coverage which will magically pay for everything when its policyholder is involved in an accident. Actually, there is some truth to this statement. But there is a need to know what exactly a comprehensive coverage pays for.

If an auto collision insurance only pays for car damages that were caused by colliding with another automobile or anything that may have obstructed the driver along the road. An auto liability insurance on the other hand pays for the legal liabilities of the policyholder: from the payment of the aggrieved party’s damaged property to the amount specified by the court to pay for any injuries that were inflicted upon the petitioner.

If that is how the other auto coverage plans work, auto comprehensive coverage works in a way in which the coverage company will pay for the damages that were caused to an insured car. The reasons for the damage will not be limited to collision damages (like that of auto collision coverage). If the car became the poor target of a wandering arsonist and was burned to ashes, the coverage company will pay the policyholder for the damages. The same coverage applies to vandalized automobiles or those that were ruthlessly bashed by gangs or muggers.

While these incidents are usually acknowledged by coverage companies and are paid for by the coverage company, it is still important to ask the company that drivers are dealing with about the particular damages that are covered by their auto comprehensive coverage. Different companies may have different standards on what kind of damages to include in their policies.

Now that the auto comprehensive insurance has been discussed, drivers can think whether this type of insurance is ideal for them and the lifestyle they have. People who live in high risk areas, who travel to different places a lot, and are prone to having damaged automobiles because of the type of occupation they have (i.e. law enforcers have damaged cars more often than office workers).

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