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Understand the Basics of Full Coverage Car Insurance


What makes a full coverage car insurance? As its name implies, the client will be covered of all aspects in case an accident happens, which no one is hoping to take place. An insurance company will pay for:

  • medical expenses of the policy owner, those riding in the car at the time of an accident, anyone figured in the accident (a person on the sidewalk for example), and persons in another car which collided with the insured car;
  • repairs done on the insured car;
  • damages to a property;
  • repairs done on another car involved in the collision; and
  • damages to an insured car brought about by calamities and fortuitous events.

To better understand full coverage car insurance, areas that make it complete must be discussed. Having full coverage is always good, but not everyone chooses to avail it because of its high premiums. The most basic coverage as required by law is third party liability. It will cover damages to other people’s property and will reimburse or pay for medical costs incurred by those other than yourself and your riders at the time of an accident. For added protection, personal injury coverage is normally advised. There is no denying that medical bills can get pretty expensive so it always pays to have a fallback just in case. This coverage will pay for bills due to the hospital as a result of you and your passengers being treated. Collision coverage will take care of the cost of repairs that your car needs, regardless of who caused it and the reason for the accident.

As already mentioned, full coverage car insurance can get really expensive, but there are ways to lessen premiums. A lot of factors are considered when insurance companies would quote clients. First of all, firms will check your driving history whether you have been a responsible driver behind the wheel. If you have not accumulated those traffic violations tickets, your hopes are high. Companies will also check your annual mileage or frequency of your driving trips. You are considered less risky if you only drive around the community to run small errands like going to a bank, doing groceries, and picking kids from school. The car you drive will also tell how much you will be charged for premiums. You only need a basic car with the required safety features to be offered a cheaper rate.

It only takes a responsible and sensible person to get the best deal on full coverage car insurance. However, it also pays to shop around because the best deal does not just fall on people’s laps.