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The cost of your car indemnity depends on the kind of car and on what auto insurance company you would be insuring it from. For you to have a better understanding and for you to have an easier search, check on the types of car insurances and see if it is what fits your needs.

It is no doubt the most expensive type of all but the Fully Comprehensive Auto Indemnity is the most common of all since most cars are company financed, it is a requirement for a driver to have it fully comprehensive. Expensive as it is, it is preferred by a lot since the car owner is fully insured no in any event and any cause from an unexpected accidents or man-made circumstances like robbery or theft.

Another good thing about these kinds of auto insurances is that you don’t have to prove your fault for you to be able to make a claim. So when you got involved in a car accident and the at fault party is not insured or refuse to give details of his policy, you can still be compensated.

It is a rule of the thumb to read on your policies very well for there are some auto insurance companies that does not insure a policyholder fully. It could either be an eighty or so percent compensation.

The Third party, Fire and Theft car indemnity are for those people who had their cars through an already fully paid car loan but feel an intrinsic value of the car. All the things covered under a fully comprehensive policy apply in this type. An indemnity company would only be compensating you if you are the party at fault in an accident or maybe you’ve hit another car.

The most common type is the Third party indemnity. This type covers the circumstances when the policyholder is involved in an accident, at fault and has hit a third party. Circumstances outside this, your company will not make a pay out. People with old or lesser value cars usually opt for this type.

The last type is the Specialized Car insurance. This type is also called the Classic car indemnity for it aims to insure cars which are over twenty five years. While all the coverage of a fully comprehensive insurance applies, the drawback though is that it is limited to mileage in a year so before signing for this type, check and read your policy very well. If there are some clauses or charges included that you are not aware of, clarify it before you may your first payment.