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Full Coverage Car Insurance Is No Fool’s Gold


With so many different car insurance types available, it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice. However, there is one protection plan car owners should seriously look into. It is called the full coverage car insurance.

As the name implies, full coverage car insurance is a protection plan that will insure your vehicle against all kinds of untoward incidents. This will include typical road mishaps, theft, fire, and natural disasters like storm, snow, and earthquake.

Normally, any given motorist will opt for either a comprehensive coverage or a liability plan when looking for car insurance. These are considered the two more common vehicle protection plans offered by practically every insurance company.

Comprehensive coverage is one where your insurer will pay for all damages that your vehicle will incur following a road mishap. Liability plan, meanwhile, provides a service that is an exact opposite of comprehensive coverage. Under this insurance variant, your insurer will pay for any damage you may cause to other people and their cars after a collision. All medical expenses of the aggrieved party are also covered under this insurance type.

The problem with these two types of car coverage is their limited nature. These may cover you against road accidents, but for other unforeseen and unexpected disasters like acts of nature, you are left on your own. You end up getting another policy type. Ultimately, you could find yourself having too much protection to handle.

With a full coverage car insurance, there is the possibility of getting an all-in-one package. Aside from having the basic features of both comprehensive coverage and the liability plan, a full coverage policy extends protection to other less common but equally expensive accidents. These typically include car accidents caused by fire, theft and natural occurrences.

For people residing in places frequently visited by hurricanes or snowstorms, complete coverage is a policy type worth considering. Ditto for people living in villages where car theft has become quite rampant.

There is little doubt then that that this insurance variant is most suitable for practically every motorist. However, very few actually avail of this protection plan. This is quite understandable since the expenses involved are a little high. In short, when settling for full car protection, you should be prepared to be charged with high monthly premiums.

Still, there are ways to solve this major roadblock to getting full coverage car insurance. Start by having clean driving record. This means consistently following basic traffic rules and avoiding possible road accidents. You can also consider settling for higher deductibles. When observing both instances, you can get the corresponding lower premiums.