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Basics of Full Coverage Car Insurance


Full coverage car insurance is another term for comprehensive car insurance which simply means that the policy includes all features that will cover all costs – medical, repair jobs - and all liabilities incurred, should you get involved in an accident.

You can get hurt in an accident. Full coverage insurance provides for your medical needs as well as repairs for your car. If you were at fault and you caused injuries to other people, caused damages to their cars and property; the policy also pays for their medical and repair bills.  The expenses shouldered by your policy for settlements as well as lawsuits resulting from accidents are called liability coverage.

Having liability coverage is always advantageous. You can claim that the accident was not your fault, but investigators can rule against you. In such a case, the liability coverage of your policy will take care of all expenses of your victims.

Full coverage car insurance covers cases other than accidents. It provides compensation to damages caused by acts of nature such as flooding, fire, even damages caused by collision with animals. This coverage is mandatory when your car is under financing.

Different companies offer full coverage car insurance policies at varying rates. The price and the period of coverage of a particular company will be different from others. Pricing and features of policies are greatly influenced by stiff competition among insurance companies. Many companies offer all sorts of discounts to get a substantial share of the market. Generally, however, they will base premiums on whether you are a low risk or high risk driver. Helping them determine which group you belong would be your age, gender, driving history, your car use, location, and the kind of car you drive.  You will pay a goodly sum for premiums if you drive an expensive car, especially a sports car.

More often than not, getting full coverage car insurance is a wise move. However, there are cases when it is not. The first consideration is the age of your car. You should make some calculations.  If the premium for full coverage is more than the value of your car, perhaps, a limited coverage is more applicable. For a new car a full coverage is definitely recommended.

The internet is the most ideal place to visit if you are searching for insurance coverage for your car. Go to Google and Yahoo search, type full car insurance coverage, and you will have all the information you need to make a good choice.