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Why Giving a Free Auto Insurance Estimate is Good for Business


These days, a lot of coverage providers offer a free auto insurance estimate for every car owner or driver who walks in the office. This is a sound and effective business practice. In effect, the company is investing in image-building – that is – it is sacrificing potential profits in an effort to improve its public image. Every person knows that the better a company looks to the public; the more people will go to it.

Everyone knows that clients get a good part of a deal when a company gives out a free auto insurance estimate. On the other hand, here are a few benefits that a provider will get from the deal:

Giving a free auto insurance estimate makes transaction process easier on the part of a client. When you make an estimate, you do not only state a quotation. It is also necessary to compute monthly premium payments for clients to give him a more or less concrete idea on how to plan his finances for the next fiscal year. Add possible additions he needs to pay should they arise, then you have a good chance that a client will transact.

It allows more potential clients to consider your services when getting automobile coverage. This is because people like a company that they can trust. If you give something totally free of charge, you immediately get on their good side. Imagine; between two providers offering the same thing, the public will naturally go for one which gives more free services. The clientele gets better value for their money in case they close a deal.

Your company instantly gets free publicity. Word travels fast in any place in the world. In fact, an old saying goes that the best business advertisement is the feedback of its clientele. If everyone likes what you do, expect to get a lot of good publicity in the coming years, especially if you can keep giving out free auto insurance estimates for every customer.

Word travels fast – people love getting free stuff. In the same way that children will naturally like an uncle who always gives toys, car owners and drivers will prefer getting things they do not have to pay for. In reality, this is really a good thing considering the economic trend taking place nowadays. However, of course, not every security provider can afford to do this. Those who are still starting out need to earn every single dollar they can to stay afloat. Hence, if your company has reached a point where it can afford to do so, consider giving out services that people do not have to pay for.