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Why Ask for Free Auto Insurance Quotes


Now that you have made a car purchase, the next step to do is to get an auto insurance coverage.  The question is, out of the thousands of companies offering automobile insurance, which one should you choose?  How can you find the best auto insurance deal in the market?  Below are some practical suggestions for you:

Gather free auto insurance quotes. Most insurance companies offer free auto insurance quotes which you can get online.  By comparing quotations from various providers, you can get a better idea of what is a reasonable rate and what is not.  Gathering free auto insurance quotes may require some of time, but all the time and effort you spend will surely be worth it.

Do your homework.  To make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate and trustworthy insurance company, take time when doing some research.  Use the internet to search for reviews or ratings of the leading car insurance companies.  You can also ask friends, relatives or the people in your community for feedback and recommendations.

Call or visit the insurance company.  When you have narrowed down your prospects, call the company and do some inquiries over the phone.  By doing so, you can see how the company provides customer support firsthand.  If possible, it would be great to visit the insurance company so you can personally address your questions to a representative.  A reliable company should be willing to answer your questions especially with regard to the company’s policies.

Negotiate for a lower premium.  Take note of the details from the free auto insurance quotes you collected.  As you call each insurance company, negotiate for a lower premium.  Let them know the rate you were offered from other providers and see if they would be willing to give you a much better offer.

Improve your personal credit score.  While requesting for online quotes from insurers, notice that a higher credit rating is more likely to win you a lower rate and better deal.  Therefore, knowing your exact credit score will you give an advantage when it comes to negotiating with a prospective insurance provider.

If you know that you have a high credit rating, do not hesitate to ask for a lower rate.  Let your insurer know that you are a credit worthy customer.  Use your credit history to your advantage since insurance companies will always prefer clients with good credit rather than clients with bad credit history.