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The Truth About Free Auto Insurance


Just like urban legends and myths, there are also many rumors and hearsays in the world of car insurance. Some of them are interesting, others are true; still others are just plain ridiculous. It can be hard to find the right company that is actually offering the genuine deal because there are simply too many insurance firms trying to make the same claims.

Out of all these rumors, one of the most ridiculous would be companies and ads claiming to offer free auto insurance. Sure, there are free car insurance quotes, but to actually give away free car coverage, that just seems too good to be true. There is no such thing as companies giving away free car policies; they might provide great discounts, especially if you happen to have good, clean driving records and a healthy financial rating. However, giving away free auto insurance is definitely out of the question.

As mentioned, what you can obtain to help you get a car insurance policy is to get free auto insurance quotes online. You can easily find and compare insurance companies as well as the services they offer just by surfing the Internet.  All you really need to do is search for them. You can use Google or Yahoo search, type in keywords like “free car insurance,” and within seconds you should be able to browse through results.

To make it easier, choose the top three companies in the search results. These are companies whose websites rank as the most visited. Once in there, fill out an application form to request for free auto insurance quotes. More often than not, they would need important basic information like name, age, driving history, social security number etc. The more specific you are with answers, the more comprehensive and appropriate the quote will be.

Keep in mind that the prices of the premiums are just estimates. There is a big chance that the actual price you will get will be higher or lower. This would depend on your driving history and other factors as well. Prices are usually higher if you have a speckled driving career, like being involved in accidents and traffic violations. However, prices can become low if you have a spotless record, meaning a good driving history, no accidents, to parking or traffic tickets, a healthy credit rating, stable income etc.

Overall, when you get free car insurance quotes, be certain to compare the different companies. Do not immediately settle for the first one that offers the cheapest rate. Make us of free quotes to your advantage and do not stop searching until you find the most suitable company that meets your needs.