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Scam: Free Auto Insurance


You might have seen those e-mails offering free auto insurance. Before you sign up for one, read on:

There is no such thing as free auto insurance. Most of the time, emails offering these are nothing but a ploy to get your personal details and other insurance related information from you. Once you have filled out the online form and submitted it to them, nobody will call you about their original offer. What you will get, however, are calls from different insurance companies who will offer you various types of insurance.

These insurance companies are either direct affiliates of the original company who sent you the bogus e-mail, or third parties who bought the illegally obtained information you have given the original company. The thing is, in the normal course of our daily lives where we give out information about ourselves, finances, family and other personal things to a lot of people and companies, you would not even be able to connect the increasing calls from insurance companies to the form you filled out following the link on the free auto insurance offer.

For some, they have been lured to sign up to free car insurance if they also sign up for other types of insurance like a home insurance, or life insurance. This would sound like a good offer up front. You are paying for just one type of insurance, but you are actually getting two types of coverage! For example, if you sign up for life insurance to get free auto insurance, it would seem like a bargain.

The truth is, you are not only paying for a much higher premium on the life insurance you are getting, you are also unknowingly paying for coverage you do not need. If you do not look at the fine print, chances are, you are ultimately wasting your money. And if you carefully look for both auto insurance and life insurance, you will find out that it is actually less expensive to take out both separately than opting for the free auto insurance offer!

Moreover, these companies may go back on their word on their claims. When you have a free auto insurance policy and you get into an accident, you get what you pay for. What this means is that, when you get into an accident, your auto insurance policy will not pay for anything. In the end, you end up paying for a bulk of the damages, if not all of it!

Be safe. There is no such thing as free auto insurance nowadays. The best way to be sure that you are adequately covered and protected is to get a legitimate auto insurance policy and go through the proven and safe ways to save on auto insurance.