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Auto Insurances – No Such Thing as a Free Policy


Automobile or car insurances are very important here in the United States. Being in a car accident is very costly especially when you are the one at fault. If you were involved in a car crash, you will be responsible for the cost of repair of both yours and the victim’s vehicle if you do not have auto insurance. And if there are any injuries to the victim’s party, you will shoulder the medical bills and that is very expensive. Another is that you may be faced with legal charges in connection to the accident. So to protect every car owner from these misfortunes, most states require them to have car insurances. Some states even require drivers to get car insurances before they are even given a license. 

Businessmen have taken advantage of this obligation and many have put up companies that offer car insurances. Ever heard about free auto insurance? Well, the only thing that could possibly be free in the industry of insurances especially car insurances would be their quotes. Of course, you have to pay a premium for the insurers to give you protection from untoward incidents such as car accidents. There is no such thing as a free insurance. Although some would include a non-down payment type of plan but no company will give you protection free of charge. 

There have been reports though that there are scammers who pose as car insurance salesmen and offer you an insurance plan where you will only pay a fraction of the premium. This usually happens when an expensive car is involved. Because you bought an expensive car, as a perk, they will give you a three year car insurance plan where they give out the first few months or even years free of charge. Afterwards, you have to pay the remaining months on the plan. Sounds very interesting right? Yes, of course! But not so exciting anymore when you find out that your car is not registered and there is no record of you ever getting this type of plan. 

You must be careful on who you deal with and what company represents the product. There are a lot of offers for auto insurances online nowadays because of convenience and most of them are too good to be true. Before agreeing to any car insurance deals, make sure that the company that you are having a transaction with is a legal business, has appropriate documents and are recognized by authorized parties, and have clear presentation of their product – this means reading the fine print on the policy.