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3 Foolproof Ways to Get Fast Auto Insurance Quotes


Isn’t it annoying how you have been riled up in getting a good insurance deal when you need to wait forever to get quotations from your agent? Indeed, this is the complaint of a lot of clients who have to deal with the slow pace of some insurance companies in evaluating their applications before releasing the policies. As some will note, waiting is more difficult than having to apply for coverage.

Getting auto insurance quotes should not be as tedious as it normally is. Sure, you already have to go through a tough time trying to locate a good provider and yet you still have to wait for so long before getting a quotation. Some would advise you to just go to another provider. Fortunately, here are three foolproof ways to get fast auto insurance quotes.

First, prepare all the requirements you will need before visiting a provider. Get all the documents pertaining to your car, including purchase receipt, warranty certificate and registration certificate if you already have one. Prepare your driver’s license and valid identification documents. Some states require notarized statements and some payment receipts, so if your insurer requires these, make sure they are on hand. Prepare all of these in at least three copies – one for your agent, one for your own reference and one as a backup copy in case something gets lost on the way. The reason for this is so that you have everything on hand when you meet him.

Second, do not beat around the bush. In other words, go straight to the point. If your agent asks how much you want your car to be covered, do not tell him “it depends on how much you will give me.” Agents are busy people too, you know. The last thing they want is someone playing coy with them. As they say, lay your cards on the table and negotiate.

Third, make sure to tell your agent only the facts which are true. Nothing gets a client in trouble worse than a little white lie. You could get in trouble also for insurance fraud. If an agent asks if you have been involved in any accident, tell him so if you have. If he asks how much your car is worth, do not pretend that your vehicle is worth a lot more than it should. However, remember also that some insurers take sentimental value into consideration in giving higher auto insurance quotes. After all, you will be paying equivalent premiums.

Sticking to these will help you get fast auto insurance quotes. Just remember that the better you handle the application process, the swifter the results will be.