Auto Insurance Articles Archive for January, 2010

  • What You Can Do To Reduce Teen Auto Insurance Rates

    by Ricky Lawrence

    Do you want to have cheaper teen auto insurance? It can be done. However, first, it will be beneficial to be informed why insurance for teens is the most expensive policy of all. According to statistics, teen drivers have the worst driving records and they are involved in most vehicular accidents on the road. In addition, 16 and 17-year-olds are said to have accident rates that are almost 6 times higher than drivers with ages ranging from 30 to 59. … (more) January 1, 2010

  • Where Can I Find The Cheapest New Car Insurance?

    by Ricky Lawrence

    Now that you have finally bought a new car, your next task is to get cheap new car insurance for it. If you are new in the insurance industry, you may think low cost auto policies or coverage are difficult to find. They are hard to find all right, but only to those who do not have enough ways to get them. Going through the yellow pages, calling insurance companies, and driving down offices are certainly not the ways to … (more) January 1, 2010

  • Who Needs Auto Owners Insurance?

    by Ricky Lawrence

    If you think you do not need auto owners insurance, think again. How would you pay for all the expenses in case unpredictable road accidents or mishaps happen? If you do not have millions of dollars in your pocket then you definitely need to be insured. Although getting coverage for your vehicle means additional expenses, it is possible to pay premiums monthly. When getting quotes for car insurance, make sure they have this payment option. Once you have it, you … (more) January 1, 2010