Auto Insurance Articles Archive for December, 2009

  • Having Better Deals through Automobile Insurance Quotes

    by Ricky Lawrence

    Being a car owner for more than a couple of years, you will not need any explanation why car or vehicle insurance is important.  The law requires it and it serves as your financial protection.  Not everyone knows enough though when it comes to matters such as physically surviving an accident without incurring huge expenses. However, making a choice among the companies that would offer insurance coverage can be the difficult part.  Of course, not one of these would admit … (more) December 1, 2009

  • How Important are Free Auto Insurance Quotes?

    by Ricky Lawrence

    Ignorance is always the reason why people make wrong decisions that prompt them to do wrong moves.  Regret is usually its younger brother.  This is very true even in getting an insurance policy for your vehicle.  If you do not have enough information about an insurance provider and the premium rates of its coverage, you will most likely choose one without sufficient logical basis.  Perhaps, a choice is made because an agent selling a policy sounds credible or because a … (more) December 1, 2009

  • Teaching Your Child about Teen Auto Insurance

    by Ricky Lawrence

    The moment your teen child rolls out of your garage with his first car you may have noticed how your blood pressure shoots up a bit.  Of course, it is quite normal for a parent who does not want to see his child getting hurt in an accident.  However, that is only the best that you can do.  Once a car and its teen driver are on the road, they both become potential victims of any accident that can happen … (more) December 1, 2009