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Ten Ways to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance


Buying insurance for your car is mandatory and at the same time can get really expensive. Your annual budget needs to be adjusted big time to make way for premiums, because really, auto coverage is something you cannot run away from. Just the same, having one can give you the assurance that you are properly covered when you get into an accident in the near future. There are ways, however, for you to work around costs and get discounts. Thus, it is possible to get the cheapest car insurance. Here are ten ways to lower your rate:

  1. Maintain a good driving record all the time. An insurance company will check how responsible you are behind the wheel based on your driving record. The number of traffic violation tickets, or lack thereof, will ascertain your risk level while on the road.
  2. Likewise, keep your credit score appealing and high. The cheapest car insurance is usually offered to those whose financial standing is quite stable.
  3. Do not content yourself with the first proposal that comes along. Most likely, the best and cheapest car insurance offer out there is just waiting for you. Do not be an impulse buyer when it comes to insurance because you have to make sure the coverage is enough for your needs. Ask around for quotes from different insurers before deciding.
  4. Peruse statistics before buying your car. There are certain car models that are prone to accidents and theft, therefore, a claims history for such is also expensive. Choose an auto model that most insurers consider as relatively safe.
  5. Increase your deductibles if you can to reduce your burden during claims to as much as 25%. Set aside an average of $800 annually and mark it as your emergency car fund.
  6. Avail of multi-policy discount when you buy more than kind of policy from the same insurance provider.
  7. If you already have a personal medical coverage, double check if you can forego personal injury in your car insurance or at least reduce cost by as much as 40%.
  8. Living in a crime-free suburban community can also provide you the cheapest car insurance offers. Check your options and see if living arrangements need and can be adjusted.
  9. Participate in group auto insurance policy at work or in an organization you are a member of.
  10. Minimize your annual driving mileage by occasionally car pooling or taking public transportation. The more time you spend on the road driving makes you more vulnerable to accidents.