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Rock Bottom Rates – Cheapest Car insurance for Students


Most auto magazines and insurance write-ups mention the fact that student car insurance is indeed more expensive than ordinary auto policies available for drivers aged 25 and up. On the other hand, regardless of this fact, the business of selling auto policies to students and young drivers continues to boom. Companies who advertise offering the cheapest car insurance for students thrive in profits and continue to do wonders for the US insurance industry as the number of teenagers getting their own vehicles at such a young age keeps on increasing.

Indeed, in this competitive business of selling auto policies, those who provide the best offers tend to have an edge and win over more clients. For example, policy providers that offer some of the cheapest car insurance for students available are flocked by students asking for free quotes. Everybody knows that majority of teenagers, especially ones who are dedicated to their studies; rely on their allowances given by their parents to sustain day to day expenses on food, clothing, gas, and insurance payments. While there may be a number of teenagers who take advantage of part time jobs to earn additional cash, this fact still remains that a student’s life is filled with quite a lot of expenses. Premium policies, among other things, add up to the regular expenses of teenagers.

Luckily for teens, auto insurance premium charges are not set in stone. Nothing is final and there are ways to negotiate with policy providers on how to decrease the rates they charge, or at least, for them to provide discounts. Here are a few ways on how to win over insurance representatives and get away with the cheapest car insurance for students.

First, it is very important to be street-smart and diplomatic when asked by insurance agents. Make sure that you seem calm, relaxed, and confident that you have been around long enough to be familiar with most streets. Some teenagers project the image of being too reckless, like a ticking time bomb when driving on the road. You need to be perceived as low risk as possible. Being polite and conversational can also help in securing the cheapest car insurance for students.

Second, teenagers enrolled in school must do their part and do well in exams to get good grades. Student drivers who have excellent academic standing tend to qualify for a premium discount which slashes a big amount off the actual premium charges. Since teenagers do not have that much driving experience yet, some providers rely on school performance to assess the risk level of students.