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Enjoy Cheap and Reliable Insurance for Young Drivers


Not a lot can fully understand why teenagers or young drivers are insured more expensively but there are several logical reasons why this is so. Statistics show that young drivers are more likely to get involved in car or road accidents than drivers twenty years over do. This reason alone makes policy premium for young people more expensive. When accident happens, a claim or payout is made and when this happens, you are missing your chance of enjoying a lower premium the next time.

Here are some road accident facts involving young or teenage drivers:

  • One out of five young drivers gets involved in a crash during their first driving years.
  • Young drivers tend to get involved in a crash at night time than the old drivers.
  • Male drivers under twenty one years old is more likely to be in a car accident that male drivers over thirty five years old.
  • A staggering forty percent of passengers gets killed or seriously injured in a car accident that involves young drivers. Brain injury, loss of body part and paralysis are the most common injuries inflicted to passengers.

These are life-changing events so one should realize the value of safe driving.

To improve your kids’ driving skills and be able to enjoy a cheaper car insurance premium, encourage them to pass the AA Pass Plus course. The course will teach the driver the proper driving skills out of town, around the town, driving in all weather conditions, motorway and night driving. Giving an insurance company a good grade will let one enjoy a lower rate. This is like hitting two birds with just one stone- brushing up your driving skills and enjoying a lower insurance premium at the same time.

But what could be the best auto insurance type for young drivers? The Comprehensive policy is the most expensive of all types but it the most recommended since it covers for both the insurers car and all the other vehicles damaged during an accident.

Now, that you’ve learned some basic and important facts, you too should know how to make a real good auto insurance quote comparison. Try to compare two policies with the same price. They may be the same but there could be a difference with the kinds of benefits an insurer is entitled to so make sure that the policy includes all the coverage that you needed. Warning though: don’t be too excited when you find a real cheap deal. Try to delve deeper. There might be some hidden charges that you may be asked to pay. So read the policy very well and if there is a part you can’t understand have it cleared.