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Car Color and Insurance Rates


A lot of people believe that the color of their cars affect the amount of their car insurance premiums. Although, insurance providers around the world dispute that the colour of a vehicle has any implications on cost of insurance premiums.

Some people had believed that driving brightly colored cars, perhaps green, had reduced dangers in driving. Although people had no basis for believing otherwise, they still insist that this indeed is true. However, if you have a similar line of thinking as these people do, your auto insurance company might not think the same way. Surprisingly, some people have had driving accidents when they had replaced the brighter colour of car with a more subtle one.

Some police officers say that the color of a vehicle in a way influence how they think about it—whether or not they should stop it. While insurance providers may dispute this occurrence, police are actually leaning more towards stopping a car that is colored red or black. Police would actually argue that these colours are very popular with hoodlums and shady people. These colours would make more stops that are profitable.

Safer colours for vehicles or automobiles would be white or yellow. Cars like this would have higher visibility during times when visibility is poor. The thing is that insurance companies do not actually have policies giving discounts for people who own cars with these kinds of colors. However, obviously, cars with these kinds of colors tend to be observable in darker conditions; for example, you can see them better in foggy or rainy conditions.

With full finality, insurance companies would argue that the color of your car would in no way affect the determination of your rates. Colors would have no weight in the determination of your premium—as long as the model and make as well as following specifications stay constant. The big factor to look at here is the model of your car. Of course, sports cars because of their skyrocketing prices garner higher rates in comparison to sedans while those vehicles with safety features have the lowest rates because they are seen as vehicles with lower risks involved.

Overall, the colour of your car will not affect rates of your premiums. One sure thing is that the color of your car is a signal to traffic law enforcers. Common sense dictates that a car or a vehicle with a brighter colour can give you higher visibility in low-lit conditions. For safety reasons, a brighter car is a plus to have.