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Women as Better Drivers: Why Car Insurance for Women offer the Greatest Deals


The superiority of women over men is once again proven by the fact that women get the greatest auto insurance deals. This claim is made valid by statistical data revealing that most fatal vehicular accidents are caused by male drivers. This stems from the fact that women are more responsible, more meticulous, and more obedient in obeying traffic rules than men. Insurance companies rely on such scientific data in crafting insurance deals, and because these companies know for a fact that numbers do not lie and only tell the truth, they, in turn, offer the greatest deals in car insurance for women.

Both male and female drivers are exposed to the same risks on the road and studies show that both genders also figure in almost the same number of recorded road accidents. The difference, however, lies on the fact that female drivers figure only in minor accidents, like scrapes and bumps. In contrast, male drivers often get involved in major vehicular accidents. Naturally cautious, women are most often ridiculed to be too cautious and too scared to drive ‘like a man’ does – fast, furious, and forceful. In the long run, however, this reputation has proven to be beneficial, because car insurance for women come in cheap costs and great coverage.

Fewer Road Mileage, Greater Insurance Coverage. One thing that causes great concern for auto insurance companies is the car mileage of their policy holders. If a driver has greater mileage, he or she is at greater risk in suffering an accident; and as most male drivers cover greater distances with hunting trips and other masculine activities outdoors, they are not the best candidate for the great coverage included in car insurance for women.

Most insurance companies offer and include home and health insurance privileges as a package deal; truly a privilege for women not only because they get greater coverage, but also because they could choose to reduce the cost of the insurance package by declining such privileges. Through car insurance for women, they are then able to avail of auto insurance policies at an unbelievably lesser cost. Although these modern times call for gender equality, insurance companies rely on statistics in offering the best deals in auto insurance coverage. And while the claim that female drivers are increasingly imitating men’s road habits and are becoming volatile over the years, the numbers show that women drivers still take the wheel more responsibly. Until the numbers show otherwise, women remain to be regarded as the better driver and the better-insured motorist.