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Women are Getting Better Reputations as Drivers


It is typically accepted the ladies are considered a greater risk behind the wheel than men. That the female driver is far more hazardous when driving a car and than when a male takes the wheel. However, recent studies by insurance companies show that women are not only safer behind the wheel but they are also now preferred by insurance companies as car insurance holders. Here are a few reasons why women are not overtaking men when it comes to being better behind the wheel.

Studies show that women are a lot more deliberate and focused as drivers than men. This is especially true for young drivers between the ages of 18-25. Young women drivers much more careful and are much more aware compared to male motorists of the same age. This is due to a lot of young male drivers driving faster and carefree at that age. Studies also show that women are less likely to receive driving convictions and fines than male drivers and that makes a difference to their value ion car insurance. Car insurance for women is also a bit less because they receive fewer tickets for such things like speeding.

There is also the urban myth that women are more likely to have road rage due to their volatile nature and changing emotional states. However this claim is unfounded and recent studies actually show that men are more likely to lose their temper on the road than women. Men are also more likely to create damage out of road rage than women. Women often scream and shout at other drivers and cars on the road but they rarely cause damage to their cars and other vehicles because of their temper.

When insurance companies settle on the price of a car indemnity policy, they are doing thus on a basis of risk. They consider the risk that accounts for the likelihood of an accident happening for a specific driver. But car indemnity companies also take into account the cost of subsequent elements or repair if an accident actually happens. Studies have now shown that male drivers involved in an accident have far greater damage to the motor vehicles, than when female drivers are involved. As a result, the car indemnity risk becomes greater and this is often mirrored in the upper cost of the premium itself for male drivers. All this is taken into account and it makes women the preferred sex when it comes to purchasing car indemnity. The bottom line: Women are now proving themselves to be better drivers than men.