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What Makes Car Insurance for Women Special


Car insurance for women is not meant to be gender-biased. Insurance providers are just giving more attention to the needs of women drivers. It is their way of appreciating the fact that more and more women today are learning to be independent. They can drive themselves to their destinations even if male relatives are not around.

Women can always opt for the standard insurance policies, but car insurance for women is special because of unique features especially designed for women. It comes with privileges offered to suit their lifestyle and needs.

To start with, premiums are significantly lower than that of ordinary policies. Insurance providers take females as safer and more defensive drivers compared to men. They are generally at a lower risk of getting into an accident. It is based on past records showing more men filing for claims due to recklessness. Records also show that vehicular damages caused by females are less severe compared to that caused by men. While many ladies figure in minor collisions resulting to scratches and dents, records have it that there are more men who figure in hard collisions resulting to total wreckage.

Lady drivers who are also mothers with children to take care of are given special considerations as well. Insurance companies further reduce insurance rates for them while thinking that they hardly ever speed up with children inside their car. They also give discounts to mothers who install safety features like airbags and seatbelts to make sure that children have a safe ride all the time.

Another consideration is the fact that most lady drivers use smaller cars, leaving SUVs to their husbands or fathers. Ordinary cars are generally safer and award lady drivers discounted premiums for it.

Car insurance for women has the basic liability and collision coverage of standard policies. However, there are more features on top of these. Take for example the bag insurance that some providers offer. It insures chic designer bags that many women own and use everyday. These bags are very expensive and precious to females. If the car is stolen along with the bag, an insurer will compensate for the loss including pertinent items inside that bag. The same goes for jewelry. Precious jewelry pieces left inside when the car was stolen may also be replaced if women had them insured.

Insurance companies are still continuously creating more features that will meet the modern demands of women. They are willing to customize car insurance for women as necessary to cater to female clients. It is very empowering and at the same time gives self-confidence to those who were once considered second class only by reason of their gender.