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The Advantage of Being a Woman in Getting Auto Insurance


In a conventional perspective, men are usually deemed more powerful, more influential and usually get the better end of things; but in the world of auto insurance, women get better deals. Most car insurance companies offer cheaper policies to female drivers. Hence, if you are male and cannot help but wonder why women can get lower car insurance rates, here are some reasons why.

First, auto insurance companies require a lower premium from women because of their innate keenness for safety and security. Unlike men, they do not want to get into any trouble or anything close to it. That is why they tend to avoid situations where they see themselves caught up in a bad position; thus, in terms of driving, females are typically less prone to getting into vehicular accidents. Moreover, by nature, women are more patient and wise and this will manifest in their driving; consequently, they do not do road stunts or impulsive driving like most men. For this, car insurance companies are confident of giving lower rates to women because they can foresee a lower claim rate from women. Moreover, statistics supports this reason which is why females get cheaper auto insurance. The ones involved in car accidents or irresponsible driving are mostly men. As a matter of fact, males who die in car accidents are almost three times more than that of the females.

In relation to the first reason, women get cheaper auto insurance because they tend to go for cars that are safe and easy to drive, compared to men who buy a car as an accessory, thus getting those more expensive ones. Insurance companies always look into the car that you are trying to insure and they usually offer a lower rate to less expensive vehicles and those that are big because they are deemed safer than smaller ones.

Now, if women are said to be safer drivers, it would also imply that their driving records are clean; again, a reason why they get cheaper car insurance. One of the things that insurance companies look into when making your car insurance quote is your driving record and women are not exempted. The weight of getting speed tickets or getting into car accidents is the same for women and men. If you have a bad driving record, you would have to pay the same rate as males do even if you are female.

Nevertheless, although females usually receive lower car insurance offers, men too can save much if they choose the right car and drive more cautiously, like women do.