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Saving on Car Insurance for Women


No woman can resist getting a good bargain.  Car insurance for women should not be an exception!

Car insurance for women typically carries lower premiums.  This is because women drivers are generally seen to be safer drivers than men.  In the United States, women have been found less likely to drive at night, or to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and are more focused in their driving than men.  In the United Kingdom, government statistics show that 94% of all accidents leading to serious injuries or deaths are caused by men, and 94% of dangerous driving violations are also committed by men.  In contrast, only 16% of women drivers in the United Kingdom are responsible for all speeding tickets!

There are other ways to save more on car insurance for women, here is how:

  1. Install some safety features for your car.  Not only do anti-theft devices, car alarm systems, and air bags keep you safe on the road, these also save you from unnecessary headaches and help in keeping your premiums down.
  2. Drive safely and declare low annual mileage.  If you have a good driving record, or if you drive only short distances from work to your place, then tell your insurance company about it.  Women in the United States have been seen to drive more than their male counterparts.  In 1999, McGuckin and Murakami found that women are more likely to have more stops on their way to and from work, presumably to run errands for the household.

    The U.S. Department of Transportation also said that 61.2% of women drivers make at least one stop after work, while 28.3% make more than two stops!

    If this is not true for you, this could give you a better chance at lowering your car insurance premiums.  Remember, the lesser the distance you drive, the less risk there is to get into an accident!

  3. 3. Comparison shop.  Think of it as window shopping to get the best deals.  You can call up or visit a lot of insurance companies and get free car insurance quotes from them.  You can even do so online.  Not only will you get a rundown of the types of coverage being offered by different companies and their corresponding rates, you will also get an idea of just what level of coverage you would need to have adequate protection!

There are a lot of companies that offer car insurance for women.  You should not be stuck with one if they are not giving you the best deals!