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It’s not about gender: Why Car Insurance is Cheaper for Women Drivers


Car Insurance policies can be purchased in varying prices. Well several factors account to this. One can be the state where you belong and intend to drive the car. One would be surprised knowing that the same amount of coverage from the same car insurance company may differ depending on which state you are buying the policy. Why insurance company cannot offer affixed price for their coverage across space is justified by some good reason. One of which is the difference in auto-theft and other car-related crime rates across states. Since most of such accidents happen in the urban setting, buying a policy in the rural area would definitely cost less.

Another factor is the car’s model and the safety features installed in it. Well everyone might not be enticed with this idea however it is a fact that driving al older model of the car would give you a reduced amount of car insurance policy.

Histories also matter and we are talking about credit history as well as your driving history. Your credit worthiness is a huge factor in determining if you are a risky policy buyer or not. On the other hand your driving records reveal directly how you have been handling your car on the road.

Another factor that may influence your policy rate is related to gender. But don’t get me wrong for the reduction of policy rate is not about gender. Indeed it is mostly common to find policy rate for females at a lower rate than that of males. However this favorable situation on the female corner is not because of their gender. It is not because they are female that is why they are given lower or should I say better deals. This is all about statistics.

According to statistics women tend to be more cautious than males in driving. Fewer women are incurring speeding fines and endorsements. Also women are less likely to be involved in major car accidents. Records of women involvement in car accidents only composed of minor bumps and scrapes.

Lesser driving also means lesser chances of being involved in a car accident. So for those who drive less low premium rates can be given. Again statistics would show that females as compared with males are driving lesser thus cheaper premiums can be allotted to them.

Therefore it is not about gender at all. It is about records and statistically proven facts that bring a cheaper rate for females.