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How Come Car Insurance for Women is Cheaper?


The common misconception that many American men have is that women are simply bad drivers. Oftentimes called Sunday drivers and unmindful of the traffic around them, women motorists have had their share of bad reps from their male counterparts on the road.

When it comes to car insurance, however, women clearly have the upper hand. Female motorists pay significantly less for their annual insurance than most men. The surprising reason behind this may come as a shock to many male drivers. According to statistics, women are less likely to get involved in a car accident than men. And even if they get in a vehicular accident, the total damage done to the cars involved is far less. This is why car insurance for women is significantly cheaper.

The commonly held belief or bias that women are unmindful of traffic rules is actually quite the opposite. Data suggests that female drivers pay more attention to traffic rules and speed limits. They tend to actually follow rules and not merely treat them as suggestions like what many male drivers do. Because women get fewer traffic tickets, insurance providers typically give car insurance for women lower premiums.

Insurance companies also seriously consider statistics and studies, in how they assess policyholders and their premiums. To avoid any costly mistakes or losses, they rely heavily on scientific data to weigh the risks of insuring certain types of drivers. They also assess driving risks based on the policyholder’s gender, age group, location, profession, and driving experience.

Most providers know that the numbers do not lie. Research clearly shows that women are safer drivers than men. Since female drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident, they are less of a risk to insure. Insurance companies are making use of these findings to provide car insurance for women at lower rates. While actually a marketing strategy to attract more women customers, this shift in policy is proving to be a huge benefit for many female motorists.

Some insurance providers also offer car insurance for women who spend most of their time at home and drive significantly less than other motorists. Basically, women drivers can get lower premiums if they driver fewer miles each year. Short trips to locations considered as safe by insurers can also lead to more affordable insurance in the long run.

Being a woman does not mean lower standards and expectations. On the contrary, female drivers outperform male drivers when it comes to discipline behind the wheels.