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Empowerment and Protection with Cheap Car Insurance for Women


Fact: women perform better than men in tasks that require focus and attention.

Fact: women drivers are less involved in road accidents than men drivers are.

Fact: women are better drivers than men.

Fact: women drivers get lower insurance premiums than men.

These facts here are not merely feminist ideals, but statistical and scientific data proven to be true. The first fact, for example, is validated by researchers at the University of Bradford in United Kingdom. They proved that the hormone estrogen makes women more attentive to certain tasks that necessitate focus and attention, like reading heavy textbooks while schooling. This also includes driving motor vehicles.

The other facts stated above are obviously true. One glance at accident statistics and one could understand where the conclusions come from. Being focused and being careful then, makes cheap car insurance for women a deserved privilege for female drivers.

The Empowering Privilege of Cheap Car Insurance for Women

Like the right to vote, the privilege of women drivers to enjoy cheaper car insurance had a small battle on its own, even in genderized locations like the United Kingdom and the United States. In the past, insurance companies had to be convinced that women are safer drivers than men and so must be given the privilege to enjoy lower quotes. Today, cheap car insurance for women is common in many countries.

A Policy That is so Feminine

Insurance policies offered to women drivers include perks that are specifically tailored to answer feminine needs. For example, packages that include free signature handbags or baby car seats are mostly included to entice women to sign up with a specific company. Some companies even provide membership to women’s clubs that entail car privileges. Discounted rates on repairs, money back guarantees from retailers, and discounted prices on car accessories are just among the many promotional offers available. The most significant and most influential of all perks, however, is the offer of home insurance coverage. This is a welcome treat for married women and mothers who have households to manage, take care and protect.

Getting cheap car insurance for women is not only about being offered a great insurance deal, but also being empowered. There is no sweeter taste of success in the gender wars than low premium rates, because essentially, companies are affirming the fact that in the context of driving, women are better and stronger than men.