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Empowering Females With Car Insurance For Women


Women will be inclined to ask if they really need car insurance for women. It is true that they could always resort to the regular and non-gender policies available. However, it will not do any harm to learn more about the options available to them first before deciding if this gender-specific policy will work for them or not.

Times are changing. Only male drivers dominated the roads before, but more and more women nowadays are becoming independent and are driving themselves to work. Car insurance companies saw this phenomenon and created car insurance for women, a policy that is designed more specifically according to women’s needs.

At the base of it is the regular coverage that every policy should have as required by law. Then, there are add-ons that cater particularly to ladies. Take for example the handbag insurance. Almost all females carry a handbag. Some would even spend big money to get an expensive designer’s handbag. This insurance is made to protect the handbag and its contents in case it gets stolen while inside the car. Such policies can only be appreciated by females.

Car insurance for women also includes 24-hour road assistance. It is a crucial feature to lady drivers who are often left helpless on the road in cases of breakdowns. Most of them do not know how to repair their cars in times of emergency situations. If women get this type of insurance, they can call up for help at any time and help will arrive at their exact location the soonest time possible. Repairs for damages will be fully covered as well. In some policies, women are even given overnight accommodation if the car breaks down in a remote or isolated place.

Policies crafted for women generally come with lower premiums. This can be a major point to consider while weighing their options. There are statistics that show women drivers having fewer claims from their insurance companies. This means they get involved in accidents less often than men. They are considered low risk drivers because they are more careful and defensive behind the wheel.

The “Insured and Partner” policy is another feature worth looking into when it comes to car insurance for women. Couples who are both drivers usually avail of this. When a woman avails of this packaged discount, her partner could get the same premium she receives, or otherwise be given extra discount. This spells big savings for any couple.

Indeed, customizing insurance for women need not be seen as discrimination, but empowerment. Insurance companies are attuned to the needs of the ladies, giving them more peace of mind on the road and bigger savings too.