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Car Insurance for Women: Why they are Cheaper


A common belief is that women are not good drivers. This is simply not true. They may not beat Michael Schumacher in 100 tries or more, but certainly they are good drivers, perhaps the best.  They are good because they drive in a manner that brings smiles to insurers. Most drive carefully and cautiously which is more than you can say of male drivers, especially young male drivers. This is one reason why car insurance for women is generally lower than insurance for other drivers.

Though insurance companies favor women drivers because statistically they are less prone to accidents and commit less traffic violations, providers still assess policies on an individual basis. It is important to not be complacent and say that since you are a woman you automatically get low insurance rates. This is not the case. You may not have a driving record that will provoke insurers to doubt your gender, but there are other factors that can influence them to place you in the high risk group.

One factor is your car. When owning a big, expensive and luxurious car, insurers will take exception to that and assess higher rates. Why? It is elementary my dear, Watson; repairing a car or replacing it should you meet an accident, heaven forbid, will cost them. Cars of that type are also prone to theft. What do you do to get cheap car insurance for women? It is simple, change cars; possibly a small and moderately priced one, unless of course, you do not mind paying more.

After trading your car for a smaller one, install some foolproof locks and an alarm system. There is one statistic that does not favor women drivers. Cars owned by women drivers often get robbed of valuables. Insurance companies appreciate safety precautions in every car, even in a car driven by a man or a teenager.

When looking for car insurance for women; be reminded to only get features that suit your needs best. You may be a careful and deliberate driver, less inclined to take risks in the road, but you have to admit you might not be a good mechanic. Try to include a provision in your policy that covers payments for minor road mishaps like engines dying on you or vehicles getting towed. Insurance companies will be more than happy to comply with such requests.

Insurance companies are recognizing the benefits of having more women clients. Some companies even specialize on car insurance for women. Get the services of one of these companies and you will have better chances of getting cheaper coverage.