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Car Insurance for Women is the Best Package in the Market


Car insurance for women is one thing that men must envy the female specie. Upon signing up for an insurance package, women just do not get covered by insurance protection; they could also get a free day at the spa, some pampering at a salon, and a designer bag! There is no other deal more generous than how companies offer car insurance for women.

This privilege is only logical since statistical data and scientific research reveal that women are better drivers than men because they are more careful. Road accidents usually involve males and teenagers, facts that insurance companies take note when making business decisions. Since this is the case, companies reward women drivers generous insurance deals because they are most likely to follow rules and to observe road safety consistently and conscientiously.

A Policy with Feminine Frills

Most policies on car insurance for women include amazing bonuses that satisfy feminine tastes. For example, a baby car seat or a handbag is offered as an instant welcome gift by companies once women sign up for a policy. Other insurance firms go to the extent of offering club memberships to women. Some others offer shopping discount certificates and entitlements to free car repairs within a limited time period. A favorite incentive among women however, is the home insurance package that comes with the policy. Women drivers have the privilege to be covered by a home protection program the minute they agree to a deal.

Imagine what men would give to get the same kind of car insurance deal, where maybe they get a free garage tool kit, tickets to an NBA game or some sports watch perhaps. However, as long as statistics yield unfavorable results against male drivers, they would have to be content with an insurance company’s coffee mug instead.

Being a Woman is Simply Wonderful!

On top of these sweet bonuses, women drivers could still lower their premiums. The following steps are effective to achieve lower rates:

•    Women could cite their flawless driving history to their agents. Insurance companies love a spotless driving record, and would gladly offer discounts to women who have one.

•    Women must consider installing more safety features in their car. This has a two-fold purpose since it would lessen the danger and risks for the driver as well as prompt an insurance company to peg premiums lower.

•    Women may opt to take a road safety course to make them more credible drivers.

Getting car insurance for women is really like getting a reward for simply being female. In the gender wars, there is no sweeter victory than this insurance deal