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Buying a Car (for women)


Here are some facts to know for women who are planning to buy a car. The price of the car is sometimes important because it can give affordable rates for insuring. If you can’t haggle with the price you can at least pick a cheap one because it can give low premiums and cheapest car insurance rates

Women sometimes have difficulty in choosing the cars that they buy because they know less about cars. And sellers sometimes take advantage of the lack of knowledge of women. So here are some tips for women on how to buy a car while still paying less.

To buy a car cheap, you can haggle with the price, if that is not possible, at least pick a car with a low price because this can sometimes give you the best car insurance deals. Affordable rates also are given to women drivers than men drivers. So it will be good to consider buying a cheaper car so that the total cost of buying a car would be light. But in considering the total cost, the car insurance deal should be the most priority. Although cheaper rates are given to women drivers, there are more factors to consider so that you can have low premiums.

One factor is your driving history. Car insurance providers would not want to give low premiums with someone who has a bad driving history. Another factor is the characteristics of the car. You should keep yourself from buying cars with strong engines such as sport cars, SUV’s, high performance vehicles and also cars with high theft histories such as high technology cars, and small cars. Considering these two can give you cheap rates in insuring your car.

But you can still have cars not as fancy as sport cars but can be a safe ride. There are cars that are affordable and can be easily maintained.

You can choose station wagons and vans as the best options. They have low theft history and do not cause big damage in accidents and can still provide protection on the people inside. Also, the best car insurance companies give low rates to these kinds of vehicles because of its low repair cost. These also mean cheaper total cost, maintenance and repairs should be cheap and low rates come after.

But if you choose cars other than wagons and vans, here are some tips to do so that you can protect your car from thieves:

  • Do not leave your car running, this can attract thieves because they can easily hijack your car.
  • Don’t leave your keys in obvious places like in the garage or in a hide-a-key box.
  • Don’t leave your car open, always lock your car and roll up your windows.
  • Don’t park your car in a place with high theft history.
  • Don’t leave valuable things in the car, but if you plan to, hide it in the trunk out of sight. 

Sometimes a little vigilance would mean a lot in the end.