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What You Should Do After An Accident


Aside from the state mandating us to purchase a car insurance policy, we get coverage that we need to protect the most important investment in our life-ourselves.

When the time comes that the insurance providers have to serve their main purpose, that is when an accident happened, we as policy providers must be well-equipped with proper knowledge on what to do.

If an accident comes our way first thing that we must do is to check on the damages and injuries the said incident has caused. After checking on yours make sure to check on the other party’s damages and injuries as well.

Documenting the damages and injuries is important. Take pictures of the car damages. As for the injuries, pertinent documents on treatment, temporary or permanent disability and prognosis for recovery must be secured.

If the accident was too bad and caused you with some hospitalization, it’s best to keep copies of all your medical reports and expenses. This may include expenses on ambulance, emergency room, doctor, hospital, medical equipments, medicine and the like. If your case would require medical treatments in the future an estimate from your doctor must be documented as well.

Aside from the medical expenses, documenting any other expenses like for special damages and general damages must be documented and must be presented to the adjuster.

In making negotiations, the adjuster will be asking you for some information about the accident. During this time you have to be consistent with your statement. Another thing is that you must be able to support whatever you say or write with documents. This is where the medical records and expenses documentation plus special and general damages information are pivotal.

In settling claims it is advisable not to hurry and just grab whatever offer was first given. Assess the amount offered and if you feel compensated enough with it then you may go for it. However keep in mind that adjusters are aiming at closing a deal with the cheapest value possible. If you are far from being sure what your claim is worth it would not hurt to ask for some legal advice.

These are just some of the major things that you have to keep in mind when the time of claiming what you deserve comes. You can always make a demand from your car insurance provider just make sure that you have supporting documents to justify you naming your own price.