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How to Make your Car Insurance Claim


If an accident is bound to happen despite being so much careful on driving one would end up looking at a damaged car worst with an injured body.

In times like this, the literally highly-priced car insurance policy can save the day. The help that can be offered by your provider depends on how much coverage you’ve availed.

Seek for medical help if someone in the accident needs attention from health providers. Check on the injuries you and the other party have obtained also document the cars damages. Calling the police to have the incident reported is recommended for a police report is needed in filing a claim. Sometimes police officers would refuse to make any report especially if the damage is less than $500, if this happens you only have to do one thing, “insist.” Having the things that happened in an accident documented by a police officer would save you from dealing with the possibility of the other party’s changing stories.

If the liability in the accident is not certain seeking for a legal advice or assistance would help you a lot.

Aside from the police incident report having witnesses will make things go your way easily thus if you can find one, you are helping your chances for good claims.

Next step is to get in touch with your insurance company. In times like this having an insurance company with 24-hour-claim-filing services is an advantage. If the other party is the one at fault you should also call his/her insurance provider and inform them that you are fixing a claim through your provider and that you will look for reimbursement for the things that will not be covered by your insurance company.  With this you might expect to receive a call from the other party’s provider to hear your version of how the accident happened and what you have to do? Just be consistent all throughout.

After filing your claim, you will be negotiating with the adjuster who will check on your car damages and your injuries, your story and your supporting documents then he will offer you an amount and you need not to agree immediately. Remember this part is a negotiation process thus you have a voice. If you think the offer would not suffice the damages you’ve had, speak up. So long as you have all the pertinent documents needed to support your claim you can always ask for more compensating amount of claim.