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Your Basic Guide to York Car Insurance


The city of York is found in Sumter County in Alabama State. Here, owning a car is an absolute necessity since over 88% of its residents drive themselves to work and school.

Since driving conditions within the state are more relaxed than other states, in the sense that no one really goes zipping by at 90mph, not a lot of people get into car accidents each year. However, this does not mean that there is a lesser need for coverage. In fact, there is a greater need since people will not really be expecting to get into an accident anytime soon. Plus, if they do get into one, won’t they be glad they got insured?

A No Fault clause is present in every policy issued in York city. Hence, when you plan to live here, make sure that you know what this clause is all about. It allows an insured to recover an amount agreed upon with the provider in the event an accident happens. Call it an “automatic indemnity agreement,” if you please. When you get into an automobile accident, an insurer pays you the amount of damage – no further questions asked. However, beware if you choose to apply for this option, you may lose some of your rights to file a civil suit.

York laws require you to get at least a basic insurance package. It means that you can have yourself insured for the minimum amount. After all, what this law requires is that you should get insurance – it did not say how much. The package is in the form of indemnity for physical injuries with a coverage amount of $40,000. Of course, this presupposes that the injury was caused by a car accident. Taking a comprehensive insurance package will allow other injured people to recover from your policy as well, thus avoiding any inconvenience if ever they may decide to sue you instead. What this law fixes is the minimum. If you have resources, or if you are overly paranoid or obsessive compulsive, feel free to avail of the most expensive package.

You will also need to get coverage for any liability resulting from property damage with the amount of at least $10,000, as well as personal protection for physical injuries also for the amount of at least $10,000. When taking the entire package, this may set you back a few hundred dollars for a basic policy. However, it is always better to spend now than having to pay for thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in the future.