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Things One Should Know About Filing Car Accident Insurance Claims


Being involved in a vehicular accident is costly because this entails medical expenses for bodily injuries, if any, and compensation for potential damages to properties.

For this reason, one must file car accident insurance claims to the concerned surety company to lessen, if not totally free oneself from, the huge cost of vehicular mishaps.

It is highly suggested that individuals involved in these incidents hire lawyers to make sure they get appropriate compensation from insurers. Some surety firms take advantage of the lack of knowledge of claimants by paying less than the supposed amount for compensation.

There are several things to remember when filing car accident insurance claims. One is to take pictures of the damaged vehicles and immediately request for a police report. It will be helpful to get testimonies from witnesses of the incident to facilitate the completion of the police report. Photos and police reports are some of the requirements imposed by surety firms before settling a claim.

If there are bodily injuries, the victims must also get a medical report so that the cost of hospitalization can also be shouldered by the insurer.

One must not sign any document given by the surety firm unless he clearly understands its contents and consequences. Some firms may ask a claimant to sign a document stating that he agrees that the amount being offered to him is already sufficient to cover for the expenses related to the incident. Unless he truly believes so, he must not sign.

In filing car accident insurance claims, individuals must also submit all receipts that serve as proof of expenses related to the incident. These are needed to partly determine the entire cost of damages.

Filing of car accident insurance claims must be done immediately after the incident happens. Many surety firms entertain claimants only within a certain period of time after the mishap occurred. Thus, it is necessary that the concerned individual file the report as soon as possible so that he will get the compensation he is supposed to be given.

If one's policy contains a provision that allows rental reimbursement coverage, then the individual must prompt the insurer to shoulder the cost of hiring a temporary substitute vehicle while the damaged automobile is still being repaired.

There may be other services offered under a policy, and so it will be to the advantage of vehicle owners to know these fully well. Not being aware of the contents of one's surety policy will make car owners miss the opportunity of getting fully compensated. This is the reason why they must know the right things to do when asking for compensation from insurers.