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How to Settle Car Accident Insurance Claims


There is one very important thing you have to do when you get involved in road accidents: file car accident insurance claims. It is a wearisome process, but if you follow a carefully planned step, gaining positive results fast will be easy.

First step is to ensure that you and your passengers are alright. Get to the hospital quickly and request for a medical check-up. After the medical examinations, inform the insurance company about what happened. Go over the insurance claims portion of your policy and familiarize it.

Second step is to provide a detailed account of the accident and attach it to the insurance claim statement. Include photos and medical certificates of injuries. Names and addresses of witnesses give credence to the claim, so attach them as well.  Be sure that each statement can be verified. False statements can be a ground for denial of the claim.

Third step is monitoring progress of your claim. Record information gathered from talking with the police or insurance agents as well as expenses that have something to do with the claim. These might be needed if the case has to be settled in court.

Fourth step is to make sure you are not missing anything. You might have more than one policy. Review the details of policies thoroughly. You might be allowed to file car accident insurance claims against each of them. This will guarantee that you will get the full compensation you are permitted to get.

Insurance companies will do everything to limit claim payments and if a little bit of ground exists to deny the claim, they will do it. You will be well advised to consult somebody with expertise in settling claims. An injury attorney can give invaluable advice on how to go about filing claims. For example, he will tell you not to rush settlement until after the extent of injuries has been assessed. Settling prematurely can leave you without cover should you require medical attention later on.

Any local injury attorney will tell you that car accident insurance claims not immediately filed and not accompanied by a medical certificate will be hard to resolve. This is because insurance companies view delays as dubious. Injuries are not always immediately evident. Hence, do not gamble, get a medical check-up and medical certificate immediately after the accident. Should your body continue to suffer medical problems, ask for medical expenses compensation as part of your car accident insurance claim.