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Filing For A Car Accident Insurance: What Do You Need To Get Started


Nobody wants to meet a road accident. But then again, sometimes, it will come when you least expect it. This will left you with car accident insurance to take care of. Once you meet an accident, you will surely be dealing with your insurance provider and the ones of the third party involved in the mishap. Hiring a lawyer just to sort of these things are frustrating and painful. If you do not have a lawyer, it is advisable that you will know the dos and don’ts when you make your car insurance claims.

Some useful hints that you need to follow are:

  • If you have a car accident insurance policy with you, it is important that you read and understand them. This will save you enormous time when accident occurs and you have now a clear idea about the coverage.
  • After the accident, immediately contact your insurance provider and let them know about your recent road mishap. If you need or any of your passengers need medical attention, they should be able to help you out the soonest.
  • Take pictures of the damages on the vehicles and injuries if possible. Get as much information and proofs as you can. You can also jot down names and contact numbers if there are witnesses during the accident. This will speed up your claims later on.
  • Remember and make a note with regards to the insurance details of the third party involved.
  • Record every bit of conversation with each person involved in the settlement especially those from insurance agent and insurance officers.
  • Do not throw any receipts or invoices for any expenses related to your claims.
  • In order to avoid being tagged as fraud, be honest about your claims and statements.
  • Be honest and stick to the facts only. It is the job of the insurance companies to determine who’s at fault.
  • If you do not understand part of your policy, avoid giving out anything in writing to any insurance officers. This could lead to another problem in the future.

File your insurance claims as soon as possible within the specific period while the facts are still fresh. There are states that will allow you to file within one year after the accident.