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Dealing with Car Accident Insurance Claims


Car crashes and accidents can be life-changing traumatic events. Aside from the damage done to a vehicle in an accident, passengers and drivers can suffer from physical injury and pain, emotional distress, and mental anguish. Loss of life can add to the pain that families have to endure. Prolonged hospitalization can lead to income loss and potential financial loss.

Fortunately, having a good insurance coverage can help ease the suffering that those involved have to live with. It is only fair that financial compensation be given to help in the healing process.

While paying for car accident insurance can be quite easy, filing for and receiving claims is entirely different. Car insurance companies can be quite selective when screening potential policyholders applying for coverage. They can be even more selective and stingy when dealing with insurance claimants. To help policyholders maximize the amount they are entitled to receive, experts say that they have to be aware of how the claims process works.

First, policyholders should assess the damages done to the car and the occupants themselves. Insurance providers will likely downplay the actual damages to minimize the amount being claimed. They will also rush policyholders into accepting their offers before the ant-solicitation period ends. Car accident insurance lawyers are prohibited by law to contact victims twenty-one to 30 days after an accident. During this time, insurers will do everything they can to convince car owners to accept their offer.

Policyholders are advised to find a good insurance attorney to assist them in filing insurance claims. After an incident, claimants should immediately secure a copy of the police report detailing the accident. They should also sign a medical release to allow the insurance company to get a copy of the medical record in case of injuries. Claimants must also file a formal claim for physical injuries if they have availed of medical coverage under their policy.

If another car is involved in the accident, then policyholders should find out if the driver has insurance or not. In the event that the other motorist is uninsured, claimants can also make a claim if they have also added uninsured motorist coverage. A good car accident insurance lawyer can even file a lawsuit against the other party, especially if they are held at fault.

Keeping copies of relevant documents and records can also help claimants avoid any legal problems. Car accident insurance will also usually advise their clients not to admit any liability to avoid losing insurance claims. Claimants must also avoid signing waivers or similar documents without the presence of their attorneys.