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Car Insurance And Damage From Hail


Insurance companies these days provide insurance coverage for mishaps made by hail on real and movable property. These include the roof of your house or car. However, do not take things easy seeing how you are already covered from this phenomenon for which you have no control over. It is better to see if your insurance policy has something to say about hail damage.

When struck by hail, getting claims is not the only thing to worry about. Hail damage is not the only possibility; there is a chance that you or people with you could have been hurt. Your car might have been the only casualty, but damages could have been more severe.

Damages in your vehicle are not something to take for granted. This goes especially if damage has been done by hail. Take a good look at your car and see if there are any more damages that are not yet obvious. Relate it to first aid, check the initial damage, but take care not to aggravate the problem until someone who is an expert arrives.

A second step to take is to note down damages and document them. It is good if you can take pictures and list down damages, taking into account specific parts especially those that need replacing on your car. Common things to take note of are dents in your car. In addition, there might also be cracks, breaks, and chips on glass. Remember that a crack today might become a more serious damage later.

When you are finished looking at the damages, take all the possible preventive measures for further damage. Then contact your insurance company to file your claim. Afterwards the company will give further instructions on what to do. You should always follow it because companies have different ways of dealing with policies.

The insurance company will ask you to take the vehicle to a repair center. You might be asked to go to a specific company, if so you will be limited. Other times, a company will ask you to have 2 to 3 estimates of repair costs. Your company will give instructions specifically on how you should proceed. An adjuster might be asked to come and look at the damages.

The key here is that you should ensure that your car is covered before any incidents happen. It is also imperative that you contact the insurance company as soon as possible. Some companies have a maximum time by which you can file a claim. That is why it is good to be fast when incidents like these happen.